Social Structures, Martin, 2009, p 146

Dominance is not paradigmatically “male”–there was no evidence that women’s relations with each other were less linear than men’s relations with each other–but it is gendered nonetheless. This is because women seem to have the special role of normalizing power relations, which means covering them up if they are anomalous.


Are SWEs super?


Not really much there; so why comment?

This gap is incredibly hard for us, the software engineering elite, to see.

The gap being spoken about here is understanding software between SWEs and “regular” people, and presumably technology to large degree.

Why is there a gap? My opinion: The SWE culture. Part of the culture is the myth:

We, software engineers, have superpowers most people don’t remotely understand.

He probably didn’t really mean it as it sounds, especially ripped from context, though there is painfully little.

My experience with SWEs hardly finds them to be super. SWEs do not in their spare time sit around being intellectual, expanding their perspective any more than “regular” people.

The ethical movement he seeks will certainly not come from SWEs themselves; it probably won’t come at all.